Saturday, April 21, 2007

Been a fun week at work!

We had different folks from GE in this week, as those of you who read here know, they have bought the aerospace division from Smiths, and, then deal goes into effect May 4th.

It will be interesting; Smiths has always though of itself as a big company, usually on the buying side of smaller companies, for us this is a first, a company that dwarfs us in size will soon be in control. I think the GE corporate culture will be a shock to many. In my case, I think I am better off than most as this will be the fourth company my job has shifted to in my 27 year tenure with the company. In New Jersey we were Conrac Systems East, then they were bought by Lear Siegler, then Smiths bought that (and closed down the New Jersey sites causing us to move to Michigan), and now GE is buying us. So, I have more of an idea what to expect. We shall see what happens.......

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