Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday after work, later that same day..........

Last evening Scott's friend Ben accompanied him home from school, I was well prepared and had already ridden the exercise bike. Scott, Ben, Danielle, and I headed over to their Mom's house so they could get what they needed for the weekend. Danielle cleaned up Speedy's travel cage, Scott got his flash files and we came back here.

Christopher then loaded up the empty propane cylinder into the car and he and headed headed over to forest hills where I cashed in some cans, and got the makings for dinner and some other items, plus a new tank of propane. We came back here, I measured my blood sugar (getting better on sticking with myself, did all my readings yesterday on the first poke, unlike the other days where I sent through 4 test strips (at a buck a piece!) before I had enough blood for the meter!) and I got started on dinner. For the kids I made cheese burgers on my healthy potato bread (they do not realize it has higher fiber and lower calories!), and Scott had hot dogs on the same bread. I made extra flat burgers (out of leaner beef, though the ground sirloin the kids had was certainly a good cut!) and on mine which I had on these excellent flat bread tortillas, I had sliced tomato and lettuce. It was a fun time as it took me over 20 minutes before the grill would light. I finally got all three burners going, and have no idea what the problem was, I checked the tubes and such, tapped the regular valve a few times, and finally, one by one I got the burners going.

Ben was here until about 8 PM, Chris and I watched Stargate SG-1 and part of Stargate Atlantis before he headed out with friends, Scott and Danielle and I watched some TV together, they were in bed by 11PM, I was up until midnight, making sure we had all we needed for Saturday morning.

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