Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Will this $%#~*&!!! day ever be over??

Lunch break: Trying to make it through my first whole day on site in about a week. I have either been working from home or working half day at work, half day at home. Doing so-so today, though when I bent over to get a drink of water from the fountain I got so dizzy I had to hold on with both hands....other than that, just a fun day altogether.

The weather is gray and windy and bleak and cold (suits my mood today!) and I have seen snow showers on and off. The ground is still a bit warm for it to stick, but, this cold weather is supposed to stretch on at least through Easter.

Tomorrow morning is another Doctor Visit and perhaps I will learn something from all the blood they took and assorted poking and prodding and such. As my Blood Pressure is still very high they added a beta blocked to the other medication they gave me 10 days ago, we shall see if that helps.

On the positive side, if I ride my recumbent exercise bike and close my eyes, it really feels like the bike is moving! Whoo hoo!

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