Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weeds Be Gone, Green Be Gone, Bugs Be Gone, Bucks Be Gone!

I had the kids last night until around 7:30 (and fed them dinner too). For them I got MCD's (Scott rode with me) and for myself I made some 98% Fat Free Bologna roll ups. using the flat breads I was able to made three nice fat roll ups with bologna, a tbsp of Kraft Free Miracle Whip, sliced Tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. It was very good, I was actually full.

After the kids left I did some time on the PC, and watched some TV. I was a bit bummed because a vendor had offered me two tickets to the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra performing the music Pink Floyd with a back up Rock group, and I offered to take the X as she and I have been long time fans. She could not go because she had an appointment and did not want to let her partner handle it alone, and, because it was only a days notice I could not find anyone worthy of taking...and I could not just take one ticket so I had to pass. Sigh! That sucked!

I went to bed around midnight relishing the fact that I did NOT NOT NOT have to get up early this morning! I slept soundly and had some very strange dreams featuring the X's Mom and Dad, and the X's sister (which is weird because she does NOT have a sister) and they were very strange! I'll let you think about what that might mean.....

I awoke this AM around 6, said to heck with that and went back to sleep until around 9:30. I love when there is nothing pressing to get you out of bed. I did my blood sugar, had a nutrition shake, cleaned up the house a bit (much more to do) and headed out to Lowe's to get supplies for my work outside the house. I stopped at CompUSA on the way back, they only have another week or so to go before the store is gone for good, but, it was pointless. They still had the same discount level as last weekend.

I headed home, put on my clod hoppers and some crappy clothes (even crappier than my day to day crappy clothes if you can believe that!) and headed outside.

I've mentioned before the lady who used to own this house had gardens all over the place. Front of the house, both sides of the house, and in the back corner of the yards. I will not, cannot play kneel down and weed these suckers with my back, so like last year I got some weed-be-gone in a pump up gallon jug. This is then sprayed in the garden areas to kill the weeds and hopefully leave the flowers alive. It's supposed to last up to four months (last years formulation of the same brand said 3 months). We shall see how it looks come end of July! Weeds had already started growing, so hard to believe two weeks ago there was snow on the ground, so I treated all the areas, which includes both sides of the path I am going to describe below.

In the back garden there is a small C shaped little path of brick, and going from the left side of garage all the way to the dining room slider in back of the house, there is a path of pebbles (not the fruity kind) with larger circular stones placed in them. While it looks very nice, this freaking path, if left alone, becomes like a mutant rain forest area! With all the run off from the sloped roof keeping it so well watered, you get weeds literally 6 feet tall! Last year I treated it with the three month weed-be-gone, and by mid-July the rain forest was in bloom again (I swear I hear jungle drums back there some days!).

This year, instead of weed-be-gone, I got a new product I like to call all-life-be-gone which purports to kill any growing thing for up to 12 months! I got two gallons of that and it was just enough for all the paths. I anxiously await the results going forward.

As if this was not enough fun, in previously years I have been plagued with invasions of tiny ants each spring, so this year I got a gallon pump jug of bugs-be-gone. This has to be sprayed in a one foot barrier around the foundations and all doorways. it will be nice to see if the spider invasion by the front door I get each year is thwarted by this!

The one thing I forget is what I call this whole process, which is bucks-be-gone because all this cost me about $70.

That done, I headed inside, got cleaned up, had another shake, and decided to take a blog break before riding the exercise bike as the past three hours of activity had tired me bit. While I was typing I heard my garage door open, my son and Taylor and entered so Taylor could use my phone as they were in the area and Taylor had to get picked up somewhere else, and they left!

I took a half hour break (maybe more) to IM with my good friend over in the UK before finishing and posting this entry. Off to ride the bike and then enjoy a nice hot shower!


Anonymous said...

" I could not find anyone worthy of taking...and I could not just take one ticket so I had to pass. Sigh! That sucked!"

Why didn't you go on your own?
Buy 2 tickets and go alone!

Chris said...

I had an agreement with the vendor that I had to use both tickets if I took them, and, as I am a man of my word I could not just go by myself....though I really wanted to go.