Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Choir, OM, and Cheese Steak

Tuesday morning and another inch of snow last night......and more projected for the end of the week though tomorrow it may hit forty, perhaps some of what fell Sunday/Monday will melt.

The snow blower protested yesterday when nearing the end of the driveway where all the snow from the street being plowed was piled up. I took it slow and got through without busting a shear pin.

It was Quizno's Monday so while Chris emptied the dishwasher I headed over to Quizno's and got them sandwiches. A few minutes after five the boys headed back to their Mom's house and I took Danielle to Forest Hills Eastern school for her Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous night. It took about 20 minutes to get there (I had never been before) and when we arrived at this large school there was no one from ON to be found. We walked around and then some maintenance folks directed us to the C Wing. I dropped Danielle off and headed back to my house for a conference call. That over around 7PM I headed out into the lightly falling snow and headed over to the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center for Chris and Scott's Choir. The X met me there and we both remarked how the boys were both very good. Chris particularly has come a long way and was incredible, you could hear his voice mixing in with the others verses the collective sound you often get. Scott did well too.

We also made bad jokes, such as which one was our boy when all the members on stage were female, would the other look good in a dress, etc.......we are bad parents but at least we have a warped sense of humor.

There was a college choir performing as guests, and, since Scott's participation was over and I knew he wanted to leave I went down to where the choir members were sitting and snagged him just as the guest choir began playing the bagpipes! TOO LOUD indoors!

I bid farewell to the X, dropped Scott off at her house and headed back home stopping first at Forest Hills Foods where I picked up a pack of steak-umms, a sweet onion, and some fresh Italian bread. I returned home and quickly thinly sliced the onion, sauteed it in just a bit of Olive Oil (thanks again Steve, I used some of your Christmas preset for this), added some Cajun seasoning, a pinch of Indian chill powder, and some freshly ground black pepper. While these were sauteing I cooked the steak-ums and layered them on the bread with slices of sharp cheddar and then put the sauteed onions on top.

It was very good! While not whole steak, steak-ums are very good, particularly if your pour off some of the grease!

I then just watched some TV (some Ugly Betty episodes) and hit the hay around 11PM.

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