Monday, February 12, 2007

Not much to say other than snow...snow...snow

It was a cold and blah weekend in Grand Rapids, Saturday I picked up Danielle around 11:20AM for her OM meeting, at least this time it was not snowing (much....)

I picked her up at 1PM, we did some quick shopping at Meijer's, then snagged MCD's for lunch, stopped back at the X's house to pick up Scott who had been home sick Thursday and Friday. We headed to my house and the rest of the weekend passed in a fog as I was starting to feel really sick. Danielle had a sore throat, Scott the walrus-like cough, and me all of the above.

Sunday the X and Christopher came over around 12:30 to await pizza (this was after a fevered dash by myself to the ATM down the road for cash) as they had been down at Kettering the college Christopher will be going to in July.

We ate, then everyone except Christopher watched a Scrubs and then the X, Danielle and and I a Medium from last week. They headed out back to the X's house and other than some chores and such I enjoyed being 'one' with couch until bed time.

I called my Dad and talked to him and his long-term girlfriend; they are possibly coming out for Christopher's graduation on May 21s2, that would be awesome! My brother and Sister in law may come too; I can't wait! It would be awesome to see them all again!

While so attached to the couch, I remembered the Sci-Fi channel is rerunning Special Unit 2 on Fridays. This is a show about a unit of the police that deals with supernatural things like gargoyles, werewolves (no vampires, THEY evidently are just a fairy tale!) . It is in the vein of Men In Black, as it is most amusing with some drama throne it. I watched the first three episodes of the DVR last evening along with the Lost Survivors Guide.

The X called this AM to inform me Scott was home again; she said he was fine all afternoon on the PC and horsing around with his brother........he misses way too much school!

Today looking out my office window it is again snowing; we've probably had about an inch since I got in this AM. It is supposed to stop soon, but tomorrow it is supposed to snow all day. Up to 6 inches is predicted, we shall see.......


David Louis Harter said...


We have beautiful sunshine today, and it is quickly becoming warm. I turned the heat off here in my office at 8:30.

The skies are blue, the clouds are white, and the birds are singing!

Perhaps it is time to move to California, my friend!

- David

Chris said...

At the very least, I think a visit to Corning CA is long overdue, my friend!!