Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crappy Cold Weather Continues

This morning it is 22, cold and snowing. About an inch has fallen overnight, with another or so due today, with a bit heavier snow due tomorrow. While nothing like the 10 plus feet that they had in upstate New York, still more than enough cold and snow for me over the past four weeks!

This same snow thwarted the attempt of Syracuse, NY to break the record for snow angels currently held by Michigan Tech University! Click the picture above for a much larger image plus you can read about it here.

The Doom Sayers speak of global warming...some saying we are doing this to ourselves, others saying it would happen without our industrialized society. If it is getting so warm, why did snow fall in Kathmandu (remember the song by Bob Seger), Nepal for the first time since 1944? For the first time in over ten years it also snowed in Darjeeling, India. Note here in Grand Rapids snow or ice has been present for 30 of the last 32 days! I eagerly await the above freezing temperatures forecasted for part of next week!

Scott was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday; he's been sick over 10 days now and when he went to the doctors Tuesday they said there was no sign of infection and he should be better by Friday....he was not. He's on a five day regimen of potent antibiotics.....his room is right on the other side of I lay desperately seeking sleep last night the barking seal sounds coming from his room, I was torn between feeling bad for him and wanting, for some reason, to open the door and toss in a fish..... I hope he feels a bit better this AM.

I could really use a good nights sleep; representatives of the new company will be on site Tuesday through Thursday of next week and I'd like to talk in an intelligent manner; first impressions are the most important after all!

Last night for dinner Danielle and I had left over Chinese food, while Scott had a sandwich and Chris a bowl of cereal for dinner. We all watched some episodes of Scrubs together, and then, Scott decided around 7:30 he wanted peanut M&M's even though I had already done the days shopping; he made puppy dog eyes at me and since he was sick and I love him so much, I headed out to the store to get them for him. We continued watching TV when I returned and I made them watch an episode of Special Unit 2 with me; Chris liked it Scott did not seem overly thrilled, and Danielle fell asleep...... Chris spent almost the entire evening watching TV with us which is rare, but, he said he had been very tired and could not focus on the computer. It was nice to have an evening we all spent together!

Danielle has Odyssey of the Mind this morning, at least it is not snowing like that first Saturday of February where I wondered if I would make it back here alive......after I pick her up at 1PM we shall go in search of shoes for me and sneakers for her. Like her Mom she has wide feet and it is so hard to find something to fit her. We will try a large shoe store that the X has not hit in the past weeks in pursuit of this sacred quest!

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