Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend was Snow Good

Quiet weekend, I had Scott and Danielle and the X come over around 5:30 Saturday evening. We watched the Scrubs from last week, then the X and I watched Two and a Half Men before she headed out. Scott and Danielle and I watched some Scrubs episodes and they alternated between TV with Dad or game time on the PC.

Sunday morning it had snowed overnight, about three inches worth. I was up before Scott and Danielle and rode the exercise bike, and then got cleaned up. All of us got together for Pizza for lunch (The X paid, thanks X!) and we watched the Monk episode from Friday night. Seating was limited as Scott had his friend Taylor over. We all enjoyed that as it was Monk's first exposure to computers and the Internet. Scott had also showed us his latest Flash creation, he is incredible with that! They headed out around 3PM and I did some work from home, watched some TV, and played on the computer, all in all a very quiet weekend which I needed after the grueling week with the representatives of the new company in most of the week.

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