Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunny Days

Today it was even warmer when I arose! A full 3 degrees above zero! Whoo who!!!!

As daylight began to cast off the mantle of darkness the Mistress of the Night has enshrouded us with, I was heartened to see the sky was blue and soon the sun was shinning down.

HOWEVER even now, past the noon hour, the temperature is barely 15, the windchill is minus 2 degrees, and we will not see 20 today.

20's are predicted for one day this week, but, then another cold front will be hitting later in the week and more snow could appear!

Driving yesterday home from work was just as slick as the evening before. This morning though I could see some improvement on the roads, though they are still a long way from being safe. The kids have school today, which means they will be at my house and it is Wednesday night so I will have them until 8PM.

We shall see what to do about the feeding.......they are, at the dinner hour, akin to the velociraptors from Jurassic Park...

For some strange reason I fell like grilling, but, I cannot justify using a whole tank of propane just to heat the grill enough to cook some steaks! I am thinking something simple, such as turkey bacon and egg sandwiches, or something inexpensive out.

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