Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rare picture of Eagles and their young

Time for a picture! Mom sent me some awesome pictures that were taken recently near Comox , BC, Canada. No one knows who the photographer was. This is something few people will ever be privileged to see. I have three more, let me know if you want to see them and I'll post one a day.

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Oh, the major weather we were supposed to see is going to be mostly south of here. Our up to 12 inches has dwindled down to an inch at most. Yay! It was a balmy 14 degrees this AM, today we are not supposed to hit 20, in fact we won't see the 20 mark until the weekend they day. It had hit 26 yesterday but another cold front is moving in. In fact, Today (Tuesday) is the 17th consecutive day with below average temperatures, at least 10 degrees colder though in some cases it is much more than 10.

Last night the kids and I had left over pizza; I picked up Scott from his Mom's on my way home. He was feeling somewhat better. Chris, Scott, and I watched a Scrubs, then Chris, Danielle and I watched Lost while Scott took a snooze in his room. We all then watched Family Guy and The Simpsons from Sunday. Scott was a bit sad as he said his Mom 'yelled' at him when he wanted to stay home from school today; I explained that he was feeling fine last night, playing games and horsing around with his brother and then he did not want to take his cough medicine before bed, so he was up coughing all night. I also reminded him Mom was feeling terrible too and when we do not feel good we sometimes do not react completely correctly. I also reminded him is is out way too much from school! Kids! His Mom is a good Mom...we all raise our voices some days......though I can understand how he feels to a point....when you are sick even someone raising their voice a bit can seem so extreme.

I sent Chris and Scott home around 6 so Scott could get settled in and start on the homework he has missed since last Wednesday. Danielle elected to stay with me and she played on the computer a bit after doing her homework. Then she asked me to make her Hot Chocolate; since we were out of whipped cream I put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it.

I usually use Swiss Miss instant no sugar added mix (except when I make my infamous home made hot chocolate once a year) but I blend it with a hand-held high speed mixer to make it smooth and frothy. It is just never right using a spoon, you always get some little clumps of the mix.....reminds me of the Bill Cosby bit where he is talking about lumps in cream of wheat and how he can't get them down, even if someone put a hundred dollar bill in his hand!

Her Mom picked Danielle up around 7:30; I had Danielle all ready to go so the X did not have to get out of her car. I hope the X starts feeling better; she picked a nasty case of bronchitis down in Florida and she still is not over it. She stopped in a clinic on the way home and went to her regular doctor yesterday. He prescribed more medicines and told her if she was not a bit better today she would need to go get chest x-rays. I shall have to call her later and see how she is feeling!

Right now outside the window it is windy and snowing....I have to take Scott to the Doctor a bit later, I hope the roads are not slippery if I have to go the the pharmacy for prescriptions! The doctor is on the same street I am on, just on the other side of the cross street. That side of the street is all businesses while my area is all residential.

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