Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's a Wonderful Week

It's Thursday now (as it was when I just did the weekend post, finally got a break from the all day meetings) and the first round of meetings with the new company is nearly over.

Monday morning at work, where I had to drag myself in to prepare for the three days of meetings starting Tuesday, I felt like death warmed over, and people were telling me I was as white as a sheet! I managed to get what I needed done and left at regular time, I went home and collapsed until I had to go out and get Quizno's for the Monday Scott was feeling much better and so was his sister. I sent them home their Mom's and was in bed by 8 PM.

At least Tuesday when I woke up I felt markedly better.....which was good because it was a 12 hour day at work and then more from home afterwards..........

Oh! And as I predicted, weather starting Monday hit the low 40's as that was the day my brand new winter coat arrived! It has been cold at nights, well below freezing but days have been high 30's to low 40's with less wind, so, it has been like summer! A lot of the snow has melted though a good amount remains.

Yesterday morning someone (I have to track down their number) called me on my cell at 5:20AM with a text message to warn me it was foggy and icy out......when I find them the weather will be the least of their worries!

When I came out of the Wednesday meetings yesterday it was 4PM. I usually leave at 3PM; I checked my e-mail which had an out of the office message on it, as did my phone, and in the group tacking calendar I was shown as unavailable.

Evidently the company p[population took this to mean "Oh, yes, please e-mail me on matters trivial and not important, and please DO DO MULTIPLE FREAKING TIMES!"

I had 260 e-mail messages to go through, which I did and around 6PM headed out to get the kids food (Dad took cowards way out and got them MCD's.) We then watched a couple of scrubs together and then ate the desert I had liberated from the meetings at work, 3 servers of double chocolate brownie pie and walnut's....Danielle had her portion of frozen Hershey's chocolate pie she was too sick to have over the weekend.

Today it is a bit colder and the weather this weekend will either be unprecedented sunny and 50's Saturday or major storm.....they just are not sure at this point!


David Louis Harter said...


Enjoy your email! (I apologize, but I could not resist!)

I am pleased Scott is recovering well.

- David

Riley said...

You had a joyous week :(

Weather here sucks too, its not cold but well they say england has "green and pleasant lands" .. no its mould.. moss, and algae..

Its raining.. for a small island surrounded by water, and constantly raining.. how come we always seem to have hose pipe bans?