Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I must have missed it on the news last night, but, when I awoke this AM to my usual ritual of groggily groping for the TV remote, and, after finding it, turning on the local news, it was snowing and had been for several hours. There were already 3 inches outside and unlike a couple of weeks ago when they had an inch or so of supposedly very icy ground covering and cancelled school, they did not today even though up to five inches more were expected.

Since the X is again out of town and I have had the kids for a week, I have been taking Scott and Danielle to school each morning since the bus stop is around the corner and down the street and thus not in view of the house. Add to that the cold weather, etc. I just feel better driving them and they like that I do it.

We headed out about five minutes early and the roads were not in good shape at all. However leaving a bit early was a good idea as we got there only a few minutes later than we would have on a normal departure time with very little traffic in front of us so I was able to keep up a safe and sensible speed without either

A - Some idiot in front of me driving five miles and hour because Oh my god there is snow on the road!!! What shall I do!!!!
B - Some idiot zooming around me or sliding off the road endangering me in an SUV or Four Wheel Drive vehicle without any brains at all thinking (picture this in goofy kind of voice) Gosh! Gee willikers! If I cans starts out easier on slippery roads in my four wheel drive I can stops faster too!

My logic paid off because int he 5 minute interval of dropping both Scott and Danielle off at their respective schools and heading back out to the roads I just traversed, there were now many care coming and they were doing about one-quarter of the speed I had been able to do minutes ago on the uncrowded roads.

I even got to work by the usual time I do when I drop the kids off to school, and it has been snowing steadily up until just about now (a bit after noon as I spend my lunch break at work blogging today) and some sun is just starting to peek out. There will be snow blowing after work for me and Chris, with his Mom out of town, will have to take care of her house.

We have videos and a game to return to Hollywood video, so, we will do that this evening and I will splurge and get the kids some fast food for dinner. Last night I made pasta and sun-dried tomato and basil meatballs and pasta with Parma Rosa sauce for Danielle and I. Scott had pasta with marinara sauce. As Chris has stayed home from school with his stomach bothering him, had had a banana and a bagel for his evening repast.

Oh! As to the ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY!!! portion of the title of this post, as I was nearing the office there, in four inches of snow in the freezing cold was some, IMHO, IDIOT riding his bicycle! I can;t imagine how he was not falling every few feet, but had I not been afraid of startling him I would have put down the window and shouted ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY!!!?? to him. not only was he endangering himself but what if he slipped and fell into traffic causing a car or cars to have an accident.

I also have an employee who is a nice guy and a talented worker, he drove 100 miles here, a good portion of it in the snow. He would get the runner up crazy award and I told him next time if he has any doubts as to conditions up here to give a buzz and he could work from home that day! Have to admire his dedication though!

I hope everyone is doing well! Still no word here on the GE buyout of my company but we should, I hope, hear some things soon. Anyway I had written this between 12 noon today and then added this note at 12:20: Oh! In the interval of when I started writing this and me finishing it up, the snow is back with a vengeance!

THEN When I tried to save it blogger was doing it's semi-regular "Can't talk to the server crap" so I saved all this text into a mail message and now am posting it from home around 4 hours later. Both boys are asleep on the couch...they will be woken soon as we will be departing in search of food!

I did have lots of fun snow blowing when I got home though, yay!

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Riley said...

Unfortunately this seems to be normal, come the bad weather people either drive at 1mph because well it rained, or something, or drive like they will implode if they drive less than 90mph..

Im expecting to collect my new car next week and theres talk of snow.. it will be just in time.. coz the new one is 4x4.. and I *Love* driving in snow.. not that Im the 90mph people but by the sounds of it, I drive like you.. at a reasonable pace, not slow enough than my destination will have been bought and sold before I get there, nor at a speed where people are desparately clambering out of my way fearing for their lives.

Enjoy the snow. I wish we had some!!!