Saturday, June 16, 2007

Attack of the Hot Sauce!

I had one of those nights last night where I just could not sleep; perhaps it was because I over-exercised last night breaking my previous hour and 20 minute workout on the exercise bike with a new record of an hour and 35 minutes. perhaps I just had a lot on my subconscious..... Anyway, as I was feeling that way and did not have to worry about work this morning I decided to just stay up! Since we had eaten the Hot Wings (Story below this post) around 4:30PM I was hungry, so, around 1AM I noticed (or perhaps heard it calling me) the left-over hot sauce my son Chris and I had made.

I took some boneless skinless chicken breast strips and put them in a pan with some of the Cajun spice seasoning and then when they were nearly cooked I thinly sliced them and spooned in some of the left over sauce and simmered about 10 minutes.

I put the chicken on a couple of low fat low carb tortillas from La Tortilla Company with some shredded lettuce, fat-free sour cream and a couple more tablespoons of the hot sauce.

It was awesome! In its own way as good as the hot wings we had enjoyed earlier in the day! And on a positive note there is still some left! By around 3AM I began feeling a bit sleep so I retired around 3:30AM, awoke at 7, took one look at the clock and went back to sleep until 10!

I just filled out a form to send email to Throwdown, telling them what a good time Chris and I had together yesterday making the hot wings. I just had to thank them, because the time we spent together was priceless. More like two friends collaborating in the kitchen .vs. father and was great!

On a footnote here, I have often spent years perfecting different recipes, my son and I were remarking yesterday how spot-on this sauce was; it will be hard to improve it....but I am thinking adding some Tabasco sauce and a bit more honey....we shall see..... of yesterday's episodes of Good Eats was about ribs......Chris and I both remarked we should make some ribs before he goes off to college.......we shall see.......

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