Sunday, June 10, 2007

The weekend thus far

Friday night Chris was off at open houses for his school friends so after the post-work exercise bike ride I took Scott and Danielle to Wendy's for dinner and we stopped at the video store, where I picked up Night at the Museum to rent (for free as they had called to say, we miss you, come have a free rental!), and I picked up three previously viewed DVDs for $20 as well.

We headed back to the X's house where I dropped off the kids so they could get their stuff together for the week. This is the first week of the summer where I have the kids, I love this time! A whole week where I feel like I am part of a family!

I headed over to Forest Hills Foods to pickup a few items and something for my dinner (I ended up having bologna roll ups with lettuce, tomato, and fat-free Miracle Whip as I was too lazy to cook for one....) and then II picked them up and we headed back to my house.

We watched Night of the Museum, very enjoyable and then they played awhile. Chris was back at 8PM but opted out of the movie stating he had already seen it a few times.

Saturday Danielle and i headed out to the movies to see Shrek 3 (an excellent new chapter in the continuing story) and after the movie I got Scott a replacement pedal for his bike; the other had come off while he had been riding and luckily he just had the wind knocked out of him when he fell! We headed home, and I road the exercise bike for a new record of one hour and 20 minutes, an hour of that at the higher tension I have been slowly working myself up to over the past month.

Around 4 the three of us (Chris was off at more open houses) headed to Meijer to get some soda and other supplies, and then after dropping the kids and groceries here I went back to Forest Hills foods to get some steaks. They had a family pack of three awesomely lean Delmonico streaks for $15, so that and corn on the cob made up our dinner. I alternated between getting dinner ready and fixing Scott's bike. It was a pain, not only had the thread on the pedal stripped but the hole in goes into was also partially stripped. It took 10 minutes just to get it to a point where it started to go in, then I ended up having to use a box wrench with a three foot pipe on the end of extra leverage. 20 sweat-soaked minutes later the pedal was fully in, and I think it is safe to assume that is is NEVER coming out. It must have been a good repair because Scott said the bike was fine when he returned home later. We ended up watching one of the used DVDs (Happily never After) I had bought, and after the kids went to bed around 10:30 I ended up IM'ing on my office PC and doing some homework until a bit after midnight when I heard Chris arrive. I headed to bed around 12:30AM.

Sunday - After lolling around in bed until 9AM or so, I followed awakening with a mere hour on the exercise bike this morning, and then we headed over to the X's for her fathers 73rd birthday. I like the X's parents, they still have me call them Mom and Dad and I love them a lot. There was assorted grilled chicken (mine seasoned with Red Monkey rubs, salad, and corn on the cob. Chris has left before dinner because he had more open houses to go to. he also forgot his work shirt and boots even after his mom reminded him a couple of times to take them. As he never found a job, she is putting him to work doing deck demolition tomorrow. That will teach him he should have gotten a nice comfortable indoor job!

After dinner Mom, Dad, the X, and I ended up watching Chris' Open House DVD, Mom and Dad seemed to really enjoy it.

We then sang Happy Birthday to Dad, and I enjoyed a glass of diet orange soda while everyone else tucked into multiple servings of this delicious looking strawberry shortcake Mom had made. It would have been nice to have a piece, but, what can you do. For the millionth or so time I realized that this was my fault, and instead of feeling sorry for myself I just used this to help steel my resolve to continue with the diet plan.

We departed and stopped at Forest Hills Foods to get some additional items. I spent about half an hour cleaning up the house a bit. It seems to get messy so quickly when the kids are here! Scott departed on his bicycle around 4:45 for his girl friend Emma's house, and Mom and Dad arrived shortly thereafter. Mom had asked if I could burn a CD with some wedding pictures she had shot at their neighbor's. I did that, we watched a slideshow of those pictures and the ones from our trip to John Ball Zoo when my brother was out They just departed after we all tried the Weight Watchers Toffee Ice Cream bars I had bought. I a bit I will do my second exercise bike ride of the day. As I have work tomorrow, Scott and Danielle will be going to bed earlier this evening.

Footnote here, I ended up spending another hour working on the post of Rick and Camille's visit. it was fun adding the five pictures and then manually editing the html so every was aligned and justified right! Been working on that post on and off for about 2 weeks now, finally got it done!

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