Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ghost Rider and Exercise Bike Rider

Last evening the kids and I watched Ghost Rider. Being a big comic book fan I just had to. I was quite pleased, it was campy, funny, dramatic all in one movie and we really enjoyed it a lot.

I also did a second workout on the exercise bike for a total of two and a half hours yesterday across two workouts.

The younger kids were up until just past midnight, I went to bed around two after finally connecting my new Book Drive to the Z556 in the living room along with my Zune player, which at first did NOT want to be detected! The Zune is often my companion on these long exercise bike rides that last forever but go nowhere! yesterday I listened to over two hours of music. This morning I read most of the time.

The book drive is great it automatically powers on and off with your PC and takes up very little space, and I got it for $122 at the local Best Buy (cheaper than mail order at the time then from other online stores I usually shop at. I am slowing adding backup tasks to move duplicates of my digital photos, MP3 music files, and video files to this device. This way they will exist on the PC downstairs in my office, and on the portable book drive up here. Whoo Hoo!


David Louis Harter said...

That sounds like an excellent setup you have, my friend!

I take it you are pleased with your Zune? One of the people on a Nitro forum I visit incorporated a Zune into his Nitro's system and posted a video of it in action. It looks like a cool device.

Give me a reason to buy one (two, most likely) over using our two HP iPaq 2895s with 1GB SD cards for music while working out. I am rather interested in a couple of Zunes but need a reason to buy.

- David

Chris said...

What is watching videos like on your device? The smart large display (true portrait and landscape orietnation and a size htat makes an iPod green with eveny) is excellent for watching video content and working with songs and play lists. There is also open source software availabe and packages for getting podcasts automaticaly downloaded and converted.

The best reason though is youc an proudly display your Red Monkey Spice picture as the background for the device!

David Louis Harter said...


The iPaq does full-screen landscape with videos. I take it the Zune has a significantly larger screen?

I have an image of something RED on my iPaq for wallpaper: My Dodge Nitro R/T!

I shall investigate the Zune more fully. I may require two.

- David