Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sprain in the Wallet

Yesterday I had a company called Handyman Matters come in and install a temperature controlled fan in my attic. It gets very hot up there int he summer and I theorize that since I can run a fan through the rest of the house on the summer nights when it is much cooler, and the inside of the house stays uncomfortably warm. So, considering that the attic is well insulated it makes sense it would hold the heat at night. $500 later (which was $120 than the low end of their estimate) the fan is in place, and I will check its affects today as the temperature is supposed to hit 90 which means the attic will be around 120 or more. They even installed a cutoff switch so if I am away on vacation I can turn it totally off.

So, here I was thinking Ohhh! I have some spare money! The phone rings and it's enterprise rent a car. When I had dropped off the car I rented when Rick and Camille visited late last month, I had checked the car and it was fine. Well, it sat there in the airport parking lot for well over an hour before they checked it and they said there was a small dent in the back. I KNOW this was NOT there when I dropped off the car, but, evidently my signature on the form when I turned it makes me responsible since they did not have anyone free to check the car. The dame for this is going to set me back around $311 and I am not pleased!

As I was pondering that on my way home from the grocery store, I got another surprise. As I pulled into the garage, the $$$$ light came on! The $$$$ light, or Service Engine Soon light has always been the to the cost of several hundred dollars on any Ford I have owned. So, my wallet is very sprained this month and it is early in the month yet! I have been trying to put some extra $$$ away just in case I lose my job now that GE has bought us; sigh!

The Mustang has an appointment with Ford tomorrow, we shall see what this brings.

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