Monday, June 18, 2007

An OK Father's Day

I awoke around 7AM on Father's day. I was feeling very dizzy and my vision was very blurry, this did not dissuade me from going out and doing the father's day shopping and doing 75 minutes on the exercise bike which helped alleviate the aforementioned symptoms. I chopped up and seasoned onions and washed and seasoned mushrooms as well as cleaning 10 ears of corn on the cob. All were bagged separately. I got cleaned up, called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day, and headed over to the X's after chatting with my Dad awhile.

As the X has not been feeling good this past week and was still in some pain, I had insisted on taking care of the shopping and cooking for Father's Day with the understanding that others would deal with the cleanup.

I began cooking the onions at the X's and then realized she did not have a pot big enough for 10 ears of corn. So, after the onions were at the right temperature I headed back to my house (none of the kids wanted to accompany me...sheesh!) and stopped at Forest Hills Foods for a few bottles of Diet Orange soda as there was nothing I wanted to drink at the X's.

After arriving back at X-Ville I poured a can of Baked Beans (whatever brand that has the talking dog that wants to divulge the secret recipe) into a pot to heat and continued cooking the mushrooms and onions. Around this time the kids noticed the house Internet was down so while i was cooking and saw, and into dinner and right after, I told my older boy what to do to try and resolve this.

As the huge pot of water for the corn on the cob was approaching aboil, I went out and lit the grill so it would preheat. Soon it was time to season the steaks and put them on the grill. I should open a restaurant as there were 8 steaks that had to be cooked different ways and three steaks that had to be seasoned in three different ways from the rest.

In spite of this I was soon serving perfectly seasoned and cooked to order steaks for the eight of us which included the X, myself, the three kids, the X's folks, and Cary, who has been 'away' for four years. This was the first steak dinner he had since departing and he enjoyed it and the sauteed mushrooms and onions greatly.

I had seasoned the above veggies with my 'Mexican' mix which is basically half taco powder, half hot chili powder plus some other spices I will NOT mention here! I also added some Red Monkey Mango HabaƱero seasoning too. The steaks, 8 luscious Delmonicos, (the majority of them) had the Montreal Seasoning , while one was unseasoned for Scott and two had additional spices added for Chris and I.

Dinner out of the way I ended up having to work on the Internet for the house (which I got working by reprogramming the router) and then the X's ancient PC which would not see the wireless access point. Finally that behind me, we sat around and chatted (while I played blackjack with Danielle, which later shifted to Go Fish! with her grandparents), when work called. They were having issues so I ended up going into the office for awhile, but, of course I had to run home and get my security badge first. And to think I joked about it being Father's Day and me having to work on computers and here I was going into work!

After resolving the work issue as the Mustang's "FEED ME NOW" light was on, I stopped and filled up at Costco for $2.95 a gallon, which is certainly much better than the $3.59 gas was going for around two weeks ago! I stopped back at the X's on my way back to get my Fathers Day card and pickup my seasonings and large pot.

I was disappointed as this was the first year my daughter Danielle did not make me anything for fathers day, she just signed a card their mom procured. Scott made me a very nice picture (shown below) and this pleased me greatly. When I left, Scott and Danielle came out to say goodbye, but, Chris was too engrossed on his computer....though I should not complain about this as he had let me give him a hug for Father's Day earlier....which for him is a biggie! I still can't help thinking how much I will miss him when he goes off to School July 12th.......sigh!

I headed home where I did another 62 minutes on the exercise bike. After I cooled down and showered I headed out to the store as it was about six hours I headed back to the store and picked up some fat-free bologna, some cold pickle slices and some bananas for work. Arriving back home I made a couple of bologna roll ups with fat-free Miracle Whip and pickle slices, watched some TV, and headed to bed around midnight. The high point of the day after arriving home from the X's was talking to my brother who called to wish me a Happy Father's Day.

The Picture Scott made for me

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David Louis Harter said...


Yikes! I thought Father's Day was supposed to be a day of rest for men!

My cats allowed me to lounge and sip margaritas all day!

- David