Sunday, June 10, 2007

11 Weeks on the "Diet or Die!" diet

Last Thursday was 11 weeks on the "Diet or Die!" diet. I've lost 37 pounds thus far. Yesterday and Today I put in over four hours on four workouts on the exercise bike. When I started this, I could barely do 10 minutes on resistance setting four. Today I did a 62 minute workout with 54 minutes on resistance setting five and two minutes at resistance setting 6. I am making progress, but, it is amazing how much work it takes to get the pounds off!

Still have a fair amount of dizziness and woozy feelings, but, over all I see definite improvement in the overall way I feel. 63 pounds to go to make good on my promise to drop 100 pounds. At that point I will re-evaluate where I am and how I look, I feel i will need to go another 20-40 pounds after that, but, that is a thought for another day!


David Louis Harter said...


You are doing exceedingly well on your diet. I commend you for your efforts!

- David

Chris said...

Thank you my friend, though I still have a long hard road to go, and every day is a challenge