Saturday, June 16, 2007

Zen, Pain, and Exercise

After yesterday's record breaking exercise bike ride of one hour thirty five minutes and 15.5 miles, I figured today I would try and do at least that much since my daughter, the X, and I will be going to see "Fish and Visitors" tonight at the Historic Kent Theatre in Cedar Springs, and this means I won't be doing a second workout later.

I surprised myself and pushed myself a little bit and ended up breaking yesterdays record with a new one of one hour and fifty minutes and 17 miles. I was quite pleased and impressed and woozy and dizzy! :) I spent about 50 minutes reading on of my Deathlands books, 20 listening to music and the rest watching TV.

Oh! For the Zen aspect so the following picture. Looks kind of Zen-ish to me and is a shot of my old neighborhood on a very strangely lit afternoon when the sky was actually this color.

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Time to head off to the store; while the X and the kids will be dining on delicious Vitales Pizza before we leave for the show, I must get myself something to make rollups out of, maybe some nice roast beef today! We shall see. Perhaps I shall wear my new scrubs and see if I get any reactionout of the store staff or patrons.


David Louis Harter said...


Just reading about your bike ride wore me out to the point that I now need a nap!

Good work, my friend!

- David

Chris said...

I get tired just thinking about it!