Saturday, June 30, 2007

Extra Kid Time is good...and bad

The kids have been here two extra nights now; the X had to go back to the doctor's and back to the hospital Friday, most likely related to her trip a few weeks back. It looks like something is making her hormones go all off the charts.

I worry about her, for years she had been telling me about how important her job, her Dream job as she puts it is to her, and it seems it is doing nothing but aggravate her and causing her to spend most waking moments dealing with the business.

It's rough when you love someone and see them going through bad times. I help where I can and where she let me, and she knows I am her for her if she needs me; what more can I do?? I wish I could do more!!!

Sleep, as elusive as it was last night, will be undoubtedly be even harder for me to find again this evening I am sure. I've been up since 5 AM, and it's after 11PM now. I am physically tired but my mind is going in circles, and as Montgomery Scott once said "and at Warp 8 it's going nowhere mighty fast!"

Everyone saw a prayer to the man upstairs that she will soon be over this!



Riley said...

Its always hard when someone close to you is having problems. I have a friend whos suffering in a very different way but now I fear they are truely reaching the bottom of what they can cope with, as they have no food, no home, their job isnt paying enough for them to eat properly, and with all the flooding here, they got washed out last week so everythings wet, someone let them a new tent and it got stollen.. all this kinda stuff and you can but help realising that it really has hurt them far more than they maybe are even letting on to themselves..

Id have them stay here, but hubby wont have it.. Which is very sad.

My hope go to your X, and how things work out good for her.

Chris said...

Liz, I am sorry to hear about your friend and even sorrier to hear your husband won't help; that is truly sad!

Thanks much for your kind thoughts!