Monday, June 25, 2007

August Trip To New Jersey Planned

Scott, Danielle, and I will be East Coast Bound in August!!

Baring accidents (such as possibly losing my Job) I plan on traveling to New Jersey for the week starting Saturday August 17th with Scott and Danielle. We'll be staying in Millington with my brother and sister in law.

Any of my NJ area friends that might like to get together, even if it's just to meet for dinner somewhere, let me know and I'll try and set something up.

Here's where Millington is if you do not know


David Louis Harter said...


Have a safe and pleasant journey, my friend!

- David

Chris said...

I shall, but, I am saddened, I have heard nothing back from my east coast friends who proclaim they read my blog.

This leaves me with two choices here, neither of which are pleasing to me:

#1 They do not want to see us!
#2 They are LIARS and do not read the blog!

Ben said...

It would be most excellent to get together when you're out in Jersey. Let me know if/when you'll have some free time.

- Ben

Chris said...

Ben, excellent! It would indeed be great to be able to get together!