Friday, September 05, 2008

Birthday Blahs

Feeling kind of bummed with the birthday coming up this Sunday. Birthdays used to be such a fun family are just another day to me. Nothing really to Celebrate here.


That's not the main reason I have not been posting a lot. I had lost my lunch time internet connection but it's abck now so there will be some posts, including a new recipie shortly!


Brian said...

You are an awesome person that I admire and cherish as a friend. Always remember that you have people around you that feel the same as I. Enjoy your BDay ice cream and kick your feet up all day Sunday. You deserve it.


Chris said...

Thanks Brian,

I value your friendship as well. Just feeling a bit sorry for myself; as the kids get older they are spending a lot less time with their folks which is normal I know. Plus things with my daughter are a bit strained as well as she's maturing.

I still miss being in a marriage and this I'm feeling somewhat empty. We won't even broach the work subject here.

Finally I'm still really bummed about my dad, I.can't imagine my birthday without hearing from him.

Anyway, I digress and I do thank you for your thoughts and friendship!

Wow that was a lot of typing on my iPod!

David Louis Harter said...


Just wait until you have had as many birthdays as *I* have! Then, you can REALLY dislike them!

Happy birthday!

- David