Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Ramon Journals

Scott and Danielle have been enjoying packages of Ramon Soup from the local grocery store for many months now. Unlike some of their previous food fads it seems to be something that they are going to keep eating for awhile. I like it as well, but, not as much as the two of them.

While we were in New Jersey their aunt Lili made Scott some of her style Ramon which unlike the ones the kids are used to contained herbs and some decent flavor. Scott did not like it as much as his usual bowl of noodles because of this....it was a change over the typical noodles and chicken broth he was used to and Scott does not like change. I, on the other hand, loved it.

She gave me a package totally written in oriental to take home of another variety which I did. I had that early last week and it was just so much better than the ones the kids have been eating. It had little bits of vegetables and herbs in it, and such a rich flavor as well.

So, I decided I wanted more and went online in a effort to find them which I did from an eastern importer. I also found countless other varieties and thus ordered eight different packages to sample.

I hope you can join me on what promises to be a tasty journey!

And so it begins! "The Ramon Journals" will unfold as I, your intrepid taste tester and connoisseur of all things edible share with you my findings of the following 8 Ramon variations.

For a much larger image click on the picture above; do it NOW!

After I had written the above, Danielle and I ended up making three of the eight packages. Originally I figured we would make two, splitting each one, and that would make a serving for each of us. This was not to be the case however!

One of them tasted horrible, and the food disposal ate heavily of it after we each had a taste.

So, which one was that? How were the other two? What three varieties did you sample???

If you hunger for the answers to these questions dear reader, you'll just have to return as I post the reviews for each variety.

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