Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Ramon Journals
Entry Number 4

Note: Post updated with correct picture on 9/24

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This was the only 'cup of soup' size I had in this order. The taste was similar to the product described in Ramon Journal Entry Number 1, though perhaps not as spicy and a bit less savory. That is not to say in any way that it was not a delicious cup of Ramon as it was. The veggie bits in this variety included Kimchi and green onion.

It was your typical preparation of peeling the lid back partially, dumping in the contents of the seasoning pack, filling to the line with boiling water, covering, and waiting five minutes.

Note that the smaller size is perfect for lunch or a snack, verses the larger ones I've posted (except the bean curd one!) which are perfect for dinner.

This item will be re-ordered!

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