Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Unusual Tails Tale

Yesterday Danielle picked up Tails and something must have startled her. She kicked in with her back claws (front is declawed) to get away and left several 6+ inch and smaller scratches on her arm and hand. One hour, half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and most of a pack of cotton balls later I had it all cleaned up and the bleeding stopped. There was no way band aides were going to handle this mess however! I ended up having to run off to the drug store to get a bottle of liquid skin to cover and protect the injuries. Since it has antiseptic in it, it stings until it dries.  On long scratches like this too it pulls the skin a bit when the affected areas are moved.

Danielle did not like this and suggest I wrap it up in gauze and I explained to her how that would rub in the scratches and  and would have to be changed often and if she though the liquid stuff felt weird the gauze rubbing her scratched skin would feel a lot worse.  The nice thing about this stuff is you put it on int he morning and the evening and you're done with it and it brushes on very quickly.

She got hugs after medicating and Tails got glares, I got her (Danielle, not Tails as I was a bit ticked because it's not like a gunshot went off outside the screen door!) Chinese food for dinner and let her eat on the couch and helped her as her hand and arm were still drying. She even tried some of the stuffed grilled Poblano peppers I made for myself.

Bless Danielle's heart though she took it in stride and was not upset with the cat, though she was not really happy about having to have the stuff applied this morning; it smells like nail polish on steroids.

This morning, while holding her arm over the gale force breeze of my tornado vortex fan in an attempt to speed the liquid skin drying process, she was joking that her friends and teachers thought she might have gone Goth and be scratching herself. I said if the school called me I would say I knew nothing of cat scratches!

"Oh my god she did what to herself! She said the cat did that? We don't even have a cat!!!!"

Contrary to my expectations she was amused by this!


Bev from PA said...

No one wants the incident but the closeness you two share comes through.

Tails is a female over a year old. She might be entering the "I will come to you attitude" which leaves us all temporarily scarred by their cat-uppiness.

Hope Danielle heals quickly and Tails learns some manners (yeah right - she's a cat).

David Louis Harter said...

Beware cat scratch fever! Oooooo

- David