Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Ramon Journals Revisited

After getting some comments and e-mails I have decided to go through with the Ramon Journal Posts after all.

So, for each post there will be a picture of the packaging, a link to that particular item on the web page of the company I bought it from, and their name for the product.

Of course there will also be my (half?) witty repartee as well as I review each selection and share my impressions on it.

I may post the first one this afternoon if time permits and there will be eight posts in total. If you read them and like them, please post a comment, as I will be ordering another 8 varieties to sample and will be happy to post reviews of those here as well.


Riley said...

Ive heard of Ramon.. cant wait to see what this stuff actually looks like!!! I cant help but wonder if its a little like a pasta in sauce we get here, or pot noodles or what..

Hurry up!! I wanna see!!!

Chris said...

Liz, all you will see is the package!

But yes it is like a bowl of long wiggly noodles in a broth with assorted 'add-ins'.

I just posted the first review.