Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 12 of I have the Kids

As I had mentioned in a previous post about Scott and I being sick, I've had the kids for over a week now as the X has been out of the area working on a project that overran because of manufacturing defects and the rainy weekend.  Last night the kids were supposed to go back to her house after Danielle's birthday dinner.

Evidently there were additional problems at the job site that she heard about via a phone call during dinner, and she decided she had to head back instead of departing early this morning.

So, the kids came back to my house at 9PM last night, and Scott's stomach was bothering him intensely, though, bless his heart, he did make it off to school today even though he still had not fully recovered this morning.  I've had them now for 11 nights and 12 days, the longest I think since the divorce, with the possible exception of that time her company worked down in Florida.


Bev from PA said...

Irony. Finally get a stretch with the kids. You got the flu.

Know you are enjoying having them around. Hope you feel 100% real soon.

Chris said...

Bev - Well, while I had to feed them dinner last night they did make it back t their Mom's house; after 12 days the house seemed even more quiet than usual. Tails was a bit confused; she really got used to the kids being here so long!