Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Jersey Trip Picture

One of these days I must write up a post of our vacation trip to New Jersey at the end of last month. For now, here's my favorite picture from that journey.

We were at the Cranford Canoe Club with my brother who happens to know the owner. To snap this picture, I had to run across the street (which being a bridge over the river made it more difficult) and then cut through some parks on the riverbank to get to the spot I could snap this before they got out of range. They were moving quite quickly!

Click the picture for the full size image of Scott and Danielle in a canoe.


David Louis Harter said...


The photograph is very nice! I look forward to a detailed post regarding this journey.

- David

Bev from PA said...

Cool picture. Great kids, too. First and only time I canoed with my brother he shoved canoe back into lake with me in - ALONE. I can't swim! Thankfully we were at a Boy Scout Camp so there were plenty of onlookers to assist in my 'rescue'.

Chris said...

David - Thanks! The original size one is even better!

Chris said...

Bev - Your canoe tale sent shivers down my spine! Having almost drowned once as a youngster I can can sympathize!