Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Ramon Journals
Entry Number 1

This selection was labeled Very spicy Hot ramen noodle bowl.

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This was the first variety I tried out of the 8 I ordered and it was very, very good! If the rest of them are half this good it will be a most pleasant experience!

The soup was spicy, but in my opinion it did not rate a very spicy as the description indicated, and it was also very flavorful with your typical Ramon broth. Because of the different spices and other ingredients vary by brand and type, the tastes vary, though most share a similar 'base taste'. Where a selection features a notable deviation from this I will mention it.

The tiny bits of veggies included green onion, mushroom, carrot, and red pepper.

Preparation was simple; peel back the lid a third of a way, tear open the spice packet and add to the bowl along with boiling water, reseal the lid and wait. While times for steeping a bowl of noodles varies, I find five minutes works great on all varieties.

All an all an excellent bowl of Ramon!

This item will be re-ordered!


Bev from PA said...

OK now you don't think it rates Very Spicey but I've seen your recipes. I made huge batch (28 pints) chili and used just 3 T regular & 2 T medium hot (penzeys spices)Chili Powder. Yum. My husband then adds a heaping tsp. Lan Chi chili paste with garlic from a chinese market (Steve gets it in NJ) to each pint. So do you think someone who just wants flavor of chili without heat will like this?

Bev from PA said...

Oooops. Change that to my husband adds about a scant tsp of that Chili Paste to each pint. Had to check my measuring spoons against what I see him put in bowl:)

David Louis Harter said...


That sounds excellent. I shall find myself slurping this soon, I assure you!

- David

Chris said...

Bev - I mean for anyone that it would not have been too spicy. While I can take a spicy heat far above most mortals, I know too what the average person would be able to ingest.

Tails would have lapped this one up, and she dislikes spicy food!

And Yes, if you can take a bit of heat then you would like this....if you can;t tolerate any at all, then no, you probably would like.

Chris said...

David - I am sure you would enjoy it!