Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Have A Better Birthday With Worms

My 52nd Birthday on Sunday was nothing special , and I had a decent day.

I thank those of you who sent birthday greetings, and well, for those of you who did not....... :)

I arose around 8:30 AM, puttered on the computer for awhile, played cone of the video game I got from Kevin and Lili when we were in New Jersey, and then rode the exercise bike.

After getting cleaned up, Scott and I headed off to McDonald's to get a lite bite since we knew we would not be eating dinner for awhile, and we brought home something for Danielle, who was too involved in teenage drama to come with us.

Around 1:45 PM we headed to the vet with Tails....which means I need to mention that Saturday when Scott was petting tails something white, small, and wriggly ended up on his hand, and, a visual examination of her......uh.......posterior showed an additional worm peaking out! So, we made her the Sunday appointment (which surprised me because heaven help a human who needs to see a doctor on a Sunday!!!)

So, we arrived at the vet, the doctor did a patient history and examination of Tails and a topical medication was applied to her neck behind her head. In two weeks she would be tape worm free. Tails being an indoor cat I was puzzled about this until it was explained that the eggs can be tracked indoors on footwear, and, Tails does love playing with our sneakers and sandals and such. usually though outdoor cats get this from eating infested rodents.

The only downside to us is this medication will stay somewhat moist for days so you have to remember not to pet the cat there.

Anyway, after returning home I watched TV with the kids, and played more of the aforementioned (Dark Sector) video game. Around 4PM the X arrived and we headed over to Texas Roadhouse where the X's parents met us, and I had a marvel opus T-Bone and dessert. Scott and Danielle had their usual prime rib though Danielle shared hers with her mom.

They overcooked the X's Mom's steak and took quite awhile to rectify it, so, instead of the birthday treat of a small bowl of vanilla ice cream they brought out three of their chocolate fudge cake and ice creak desserts for all of us and took the price of the steak off the bill. The X's dad paid for dinner, and her Mom gave me a bottle of spicy Buffalo Wing sauce, a bottle of After Death hot sauce, and a bottle of Bone Sucking sauce which I really liked.

The X gave me one of those motivational books which I promised to read....hey....I love fiction after all!

Scott and Danielle gave me an amazon gift certificate. The X dropped us off back at my house where the rest of the day was spent in TV watching and Game Playing, plus I made some Ramon soup for all of us as a snack later in the evening.

All and all an OK birthday. not great, but, not too bad.

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