Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve..and Christmas Eve Day

It is just after 8:30 PM, and the lasagna was finally cool enough to put in the refrigerator. Even with the whole bottom shelf clear there was not enough room for the lasagna pan and the turkey that is thawing in there. I had to put the turkey on it's side crammed next to the lasagna pan, with the plate under the turkey partially under the lasagna pan. I forgot what an ordeal it is making my lasagna, particularly the way I make it, and not having anyone to assist. If everyone enjoys it tomorrow it will be worth it!

I make my lasagna in the bottom of a 26 pound turkey roasting pan. I make three different types of fillings, the traditional Ricotta cheese, plus a layer of ground sirloin which is seasoned and fried in olive oil. I do the same with sweet Italian sausage. Each meat is then crumbled into a bowl and some of the home made sauce is added to it. Using 2 pounds of each meat, is enough for one layer of ground beef, and one layer of sausage. If MacGyver were here to see it, he would say "That's one honking big lasagna!"

So, tomorrow's lasagna starts with the bottom two layers being Ricotta cheese, then the layer of ground beef and grated Romano cheese, then a layer of Ricotta cheese, the sausage layer, this time sprinkled with Asiago, Parmesan, and Mozzarella cheeses, and then two more layers of the Ricotta cheese. Note I also add some things to the Ricotta cheese mixture. Don't ask, I won't tell. ;)

The homemade sauce for today's creation was flavored with Italian sausage (browned first in olive oil and spices), and pepperoni.

I can't believe I still have to cook a turkey dinner in the morning......I am beat!

I also finished clearing out the living room and organizing it, even temporarily moving the exercise bike into my bedroom since there will be 10 of us tomorrow. The living room looks positively palatial without the exercise bike! I love the way the room looks without it! Below is a panoramic shot of the room.

I wish I could re-arrange my bedroom somehow to keep the exercise bile in there, but, there would be no way to do that without making the already small bedroom seem very cramped.

In addition to the above I also cleaned out the fridge, throwing out three plastic supermarket bags of old at least there will be room for leftovers tomorrow!

I did manage to watch a little bit of holiday TV today though, I watched two versions of a Christmas Carol. And older black and white version with Alastair Sim, and a newer one with George C. Scott. I love a Christmas Carol! It speaks a lesson many seem to have forgotten......

The weather was surprising today, it stayed above freezing long enough where we had rain and then some snow but the majority fell as rain not as the predicted snow, which makes me feel a bit better. The forecast has been right three times in a row, today would have made four and that would just be too hard to believe! The real downside here though is I could have gotten to the store much easier today than last night's nightmarish journey. oh well!

I went out around 9:30 AM and snow blowed my driveway and sidewalk, and the sidewalk of the next door neighbor. I am still loving the new Snow Blower, it just makes short work of deep snow, and even the stuff the plow leaves in the driveway is no match for it.

I also got all the kids presents I ordered nicely wrapped, as well as a present for the X's mom, and one for the x too.

I never did get around to vacuuming, that will have to be right after the turkey goes into the over in the morning.

Everyone is down at the X's parents for dinner. Mom was making Swedish meatballs. I had to stay home and deal with the lasagna. As much as it is somewhat lonely here alone on Christmas Eve, at least the kids and the X will get to see Kevin, Lili, and Lucy. I'll see them tomorrow though.

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