Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More boring stuff.......

Monday night I went to bed with the thought of much snow and bad conditions in store for Tuesday morning based on the media slathering based on cold temperatures and and an approaching storm from the gulf of Mexico in addition to lake effect snow.

Well, the temperatures rose overnight to a good 5 degrees above freezing so the majority of what fell was rain on top of the snow. Travel was a bit hazardous but nothing major.

Then they predicted that by sun down the temperatures would plummet and the snow would continue all night for large accumulations. Wrong again! The temps fell (Nice sheet of ice under the snow in my driveway I discovered this morning!) but the snow only amounted to another 2-3 inches by me. This morning's ride once I got out of my driveway and off my street was better than yesterday's.

The sun is actually out now, rare to be seen in West Michigan winter, though through Friday evening the temps will stay in the 20's. Saturday and Sunday will warm into the low 40's which will be a nice break.

On the non-weather front work has been very challenging since an event I will not discuss here happened last Friday. It has been super ultra stressful, but, what can you do?

Scott and I played an hour of Left 4 Dead last night and had a good time, plus Danielle joined us to watch a couple of Scrubs re-runs, and How I Met Your Mother. Another quiet evening and as it was my dinner night of the X's week the kids stayed until about 7:30 when they headed to the X's house because of the snow.

I watched TV and also played some Left 4 Day solo with computer generated team mates.


David Louis Harter said...


The weatherpeople were grossly inaccurate in their forecast for today here, as well: They forecast a high of 61°, and it is already 67° and may well be a few degrees warmer during the next hour.

- David

Chris said...

David, I am rapt with compassion for you, having to endure warm temperatures like that!

It does never cease to amaze me how spot on or dead wrong the weather forecasting can be though!