Monday, December 01, 2008

It never fails

I thought I felt a bit weird this morning when I got up, after retuning in from snow blowing and grocery shopping my mild headache had blossomed into a real pounder and I have the feverish tired feeling.

Sigh! Were the kids not coming over this evening I would have retreated to my bed instead of shopping and clearing the snow, let's hope I feel better after some home made chicken soup and a nights sleep as it is back to work tomorrow.


Riley said...

Just be grateful its only fever so far, hubby was off work with some form of 48 hour thing when he was leaking rapidly both ends.. I of course had to work but didnt get sleep due to the random loud splatter noises.

Chris said...

Liz, that sounds quite distressing though I have been there! Evidently the home made chicken soup I prepared did the trick as I felt much better the next morning.