Monday, December 29, 2008

The Heart Attack Grill

In these days of nutrition conscious individuals and corporations it seems there is always a new diet popping up.

Well, I say to heck with that!! I want to go to the Heart Attack Grill for lunch, and I want to go now! Click here for their official site! It looks mighty tasty! Their burgers come in sizes called single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass, and quadruple bypass. Their fries are cooked in pure lard! The only beverage is Jolt Cola...oh this place looks like pure evil and a great place to chow down! The waitresses are dressed like nurses and if you manage to finish a triple or quadruple bypass, you get a free wheelchair ride to your vehicle. Talk about atmosphere. The quadruple bypass burger can be seen below in all its glory.

People over 350 pounds eat free all day every day! Their motto is Taste Worth Dying For.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I can't believe no one had a comment about the Heart Attack Grill!!!

This place is my fantasy eatery! One day I must get there!

My friend Josh mentioned today there is also an excellent pizzeria in the same area, I was thinking we could make a good eating weekend (or week!) out of visiting that area for some prime eats!