Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rice, rice, baby.

Today they had an international fair at Scott and Danielle's high school. Scott, just turned 17 on Saturday, is in his second year of learning Japanese. So last night we had fun making 60 rice balls with seasoning wrapped in seaweed. It required four batches of sushi rice (which is harder to make than regular rice!) The first batch was completed by 4:30 and the last by 10:30 PM.

Working around this at the dinner hour I also made the kids homemade French toast with real vanilla and I had an Egg Beaters omelet with turkey bacon. Danielle enjoyed turkey bacon on the side.

This morning we all had fun carrying all the dishes of these (they have to be in a single layer, not touching) out to my sons car. Needless to say he arrived home from school with rock hard rice encrusted dishes in hand which are now soaking in the sink. Superglue has nothing on the holding strength of dried sushi rice!

It was nice, my daughter pitched in to help too which was nice, and of course I got to do all the cleanup duty in between batches of rice and from dinner.

I also managed to play a bit of the Left 4 Dead video game with Scott supplying me with helpful tips. It's more fun when we play together but he came in on me about 80% way through a chapter in this series we play together. My daughter and I watched the second part of this weeks 2 part Heroes episode. And I made them my infamous French toast (made with heavy cream and real vanilla) for dinner with me having a nice healthy egg beaters omelet with turkey bacon.

All in all, a decent evening in spite of the incredibly stress filled day of work yesterday (and then again today). Sigh!

On the weather front, it is 24 degrees outside and the forecast for the next 8 days is "Chance of snow"......again I say sigh!

My street was so icy this morning! (How icy was it??) It was so icy that when I approached the corner at idle speed of the car, I still almost slid out into the intersection at the red light! This was after have to spend 15 minutes using my little portable pump to inflate the right rear tire which was almost flat (an anomaly perhaps? The tire was at full pressure after work today) which should have given me an indication of the day yet to come. Dare I say sigh will use some self control and save it for tomorrow!!

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