Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Lull in the Weather

We're in a bit of a lull between storm systems. AND it has risen to above freezing! 33 degrees may not seem warm to some of you but it's nice to know today will hit mid-30's for awhile, the snow is due again later this morning and this afternoon temps will tumble below freezing again.

I will go out around 9 AM and snow blow in preparation of the next wave of precipitation.

I was cleaning until 11 PM last night and there is still more to do today! Plus, a lasagna begs to be created from the pile of ingredients amassed on the kitchen counter!

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David Louis Harter said...


We are experiencing a heat wave: It is 38 degrees currently and reached a low of only 37 degrees during the night. After the low-20-degree days, this seems spring-like!

- David