Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday and Tuesday

Monday Night:
I went into the office, leaving here around 7:40 PM. The roads wee quite treacherous in places, snowy, icy, and the Mustang and I were not pleased having to go out in these conditions. As this was the only night this procedure was being run before the affected people would be laid off, I had no choice so, off I went.

I made it to the office, learned the procedure, took care of some follow up e-mails, and, after setting my "Out of Office" messages on phone and e-mail I headed home. I am off until December 26th when I have to go back to the office.

I stopped at Forest Hills Foods and did the rest of the Christmas dinner shopping, plunking down about $150 on top of the $100 previously spent. Add that to the cost of the snow blower and the kids presents and I guess I am giving Chase a very Merry Christmas!

I got everything except the sausage and ground sirloin I need for the lasagna, I like to get that fresh the day I am making it so I will run out first thing tomorrow morning.

Tuesday Morning:
Even though I had the day off I got up around 7 AM since I thought I might be first on the delivery route. However, it's almost 11 AM and still no snow blower.

Of course it has been snowing like a son of a gun for several hours but the main roads (I can see the intersection in the winter when the leaves are down) appears to be moving OK, so, hopefully the snow blower will still arrive today. UPS just delivered a package and I see there is already close to three inches of snow on my laboriously cleared driveway.

Yesterday morning they said we have had 50.5" of snow this year. The bulk of that was in the last 10 days. Add the snow since then and I think we easily have 55". I remember the first year we moved out here, the winter of 2000, by the end of December we had 96" of snow. We'll see how the rest of the month goes though I doubt (pray!) we will hit that!

I spent the morning doing more cleaning and organizing, the Living Room is slowly morphing into the most cleanest and organized state it has been in for quite along time. For Christmas I may even move the Exercise bike from the living room into my bedroom when my guests come over.

I've also been unpacking boxes and such, and Steve THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful book and Gift Certificate, though they did give me quite a scare! The box was in a group of other Amazon shipments and first I opened a box with a couple of the kids items, and then I opened yours. I thought "OH CRAP!!! AMAZON SCREWED UP!!! CRAP!!! I double checked my address on the box, it was me. THEN I examined the packing materials! Whew! For a few minutes I though part of my Christmas order for the kids got placed wrong! Again though Steve, Many, Many thanks! As Brian's gift yesterday was the high point of my day, yours was both the high point and the most adrenalin infused moment of the day!

I have two big boxes left to unpack, and that short stack of DVDs to enter into the database manually, and then tomorrow all I need do later in the day is vacuum and dust, and the house shall be ready for visitors. Oh! I have a large poster I need to hang too, but that's no biggie. And of course I have sauce and a lasagna to make tomorrow too.....Yikes!


Steve From NJ said...


In the words of Ren and Stimpy, "Happy To Be Of Service"...
I'm glad you appreciate the classics as much as I do. Next on the list after Charles Schulz is Shakespeare's "Richard the Third"...

I understand that a lot of companies (i.e the one you mention) aren't providing the timely delivery or simple identification expected these days...

I'm floored by the amount of snow you've seen. A new snow blower is definitely needed.

Here in NJ we've had a lot of ice, especially over the past weekend, and I've been lucky to get back and forth between work (25 miles away) and home at all. The storms make the Winter my least favorite time of the year. I'm hoping I can get into work tomorrow just to be able to take advantage of the half day Holiday, despite the ice storm predicted for tomorrow morning.

Have A Merry, Merry Christmas!

Steve Fleming

P.S. My favorite Cartoon Christmas Special is "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" (apologies to Patrick Stewartand Alastair Simm, et. al.). At the end of the _unedited_ DVD version Mr. Magoo takes his bows having played the character of Scrooge during the show to both the audience and the back wall of the theatre, managing to cut the support ropes to all the scenery in the process. In typical fashion he says, "Oh Magoo, you've brought down the house..."

Chris said...

Steve - The new snow blower easily cleared the driveway in less than half the time with the deceased unit!

I too own the DVD of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol and have watched it already, and may do it again!

Sorry to hear of your drives to work, I barely made it home from the X's house (less than a mile away) earlier this evening!

I also love "The Happy Helmet" in that cartoon which Stimpy delivers the line you quoted above, and the song that goes with it!

Take care my friend, and a very Merry Christmas to you too!