Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, or KaBoom!!

I spent a good portion of the day indoors doing additional cleaning and organizing. I started catching up my DVD database. I had not realized I was so far behind entering DVDs into the system. Fortunately I have a little bar code scanner that scans the UPC codes and then the program imports this and pulls all the information (and cover/back shots) down for each DVD.

After fixing the driver for the scanner which for some reason was not working I began. Easily 40 titles had not been indexed since they were acquired. I got the majority scanned and have a small stack of about 8 DVDs that will have to be entered manually.

I went out around 4 PM to snow blow. We had close to another 6 inches overnight and during the day the strong winds caused this to drift to over a foot in some places. I started up the snow blower, engaged the gears, and headed over to the leading edge of the snow by the garage. I pulled the lever to engage the impeller and KABOOM!! A Dreadful thunking noise issued from within the snow blower's casing and voluminous clouds of noxious black smoke issued forth!

It was obvious that it was a gonner. I removed my ski cap, held it over my heart, and thanked it for four years of tireless service. Then, to do a sailor or trucker proud I recited a string of litanies not suitable for our younger viewers! I then spent about 90 minutes clearing the snow with a shovel. I was exhausted, sweaty, chilled to the bone, and sore when I finished.

I had dresses in layers to keep the coat from getting sweaty and I jumped into a nice warm shower. My back was already complaining about this activity, but, what can you do?

Making myself some Ramon was all I could handle and then Tails and I settled down to watch TV as I vowed not to move from the couch until bedtime unless the house caught on fire!

Around 8 PM the X brought over Scott who did not want to drive in the bad weather so he could pick up some things he needed for his stay at his mom's. She mentioned in passing that he should come over tomorrow and help me shovel. He groused stating that it was his day off why would he have to do that. Set your phasers on stun, I was flabbergasted! I love my kids but sometimes they can be very self centered. They forget things like my cleaning off his car on the mornings it snowed on school days, and before he had to go to work a couple of days we had the heavy snow. Not to mention the countless other things his mom and I do. I got very angry and after he had his stuff I told him he could go. As he was leaving I thanked him for making my day!

He and the X departed and I learned from email today they continued the conversation on the ride home. She reminded him of how little they do compared to all the work and chores we had as kids and how the constantly complain when asked to do something simple like emptying the dishwasher. Plus the fact that we work full time and still do all the tasks we need to do to run the houses and take care of the kids."Times are different now" was all he had to say.

Note this does not apply to Danielle, she is constantly helping the X and I with laundry and other chores, often without being told. She even does some of Scott's chores when he complains he is tired from work.

Sadly going forward he's going to see a change here at my house; no extras, no more game purchases, etc. unless there is good reason like a birthday or a really great report card. Perhaps that will make him understand it materialistically since he can't seem to understand it from the heart. I hardly slept at all last night, and have been in a foul mood all day today. I'm seriously considering selling the second xbox I recently bought for the family room. It's obvious he does not appreciate it. I'd welcome any opinions on this.


Carrie said...

I agree with you, Chris. Having 2 teenagers at home myself, I've decided that it's also time for us to stop making life so easy. My daughter is quite helpful as well, cleaning up when not asked. My oldest son though... oh boy, lets just say your story is a familiar one. If you use the second xbox, don't punish yourself. However, if it's there for the boy's benefit, time to sell it (or just store it away and say you did ~ until he surprises you by doing or accomplishing something brilliant)

Chris said...

Carrie - Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you replied and are in like mind, I did not want to come off as an ogre or anything but my son knows of my health issues and for him to behave that way was very distressing to me!