Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Fog

If you've never seen either the original or remake of The Fog, you can't understand how foggy it was almost all day yesterday! We went from below freezing temperatures to the 40's in a matter of hours overnight. It started raining and ended up in the 50's yesterday. This made for some world class fog conditions. Virtually all the snow is gone except the remnants of big piles from snow removal, and I think the majority of the huge ice dams on my roof are gone as well.

It was a surrealistic look out the windows of the house after I got up. I let Tails out of her room and instead of her usual being cute and cuddly behavior she began running around the family room in a very agitated manner, stopping inside the fireplace and meowing. Thinking she's found a mouse or something I went over to discover water dripping down the chimney! Not a lot, but water none the less.

A quick checked showed the infamous basement steps dry (thank goodness!) and the 'control' crack in the furnace room was leaking slightly. For details on the leak and repair of the basement steps see these older posts from 2006 here, and here, which will open in a new window. Wow, have I been blogging that long??

Tails and I went upstairs and I ascertained the leak in the fireplace downstairs was coming from the runoff of the one directly above it in the living room. Some ice must have worked its way down the chimney and with the big thaw underway it was melting. I kept a watch on it while I used the PC for the next couple of hours and by the time I finished my session on the exercise bike it had stopped.

I talked with the X about dinner as I had invited the family over this evening for leftover lasagna but did not know if they had accepted. The X stated they had so we set a time and I headed out into the fog which was quite the experience! It was very unreal and downright spooky driving the wipers had to be n constantly because of all the moisture in the air and I had to repeatedly roll down the windows to keep them clear. It's only a half a mile to the grocery store! Halfway there I could not see the light from my street or the one for the store, that's how thick the fog was. I was reminded of scenes from The Mist which I quickly put out of my head!

I picked up extra peperoni because Kevin likes it so much and as some got eaten on Christmas there was not a lot left. Since I would be making garlic bread I got two loaves of bread and garlic so I could make my special garlic butter. Arriving home after another spooky journey in the fog I started cooking the pepperoni and then went outside to take a few pictures.

A bit later I made the garlic butter which consisted of one stick real butter, an equal amount of margarine, some olive oil, a LOT of crushed garlic, paprika, basil, oregano, and a touch of freshly ground black pepper. This then sat for two hours before making the bread to allow the flavors to mingle and permeate the butter.

Scott does not like lasagna so for him I made some spaghetti and I made one and a half loaves of garlic bread warming half a plain loaf for mom and dad who are not big on the garlic. Mom can't eat it at all without getting sick so whenever she will be eating my spaghetti sauce I substitute onion power for garlic....not as good...but an acceptable substitute.

To round off the meal I made a nice garden salad and got a new flavor of Kraft dressing, their light version of Traditional Italian. It was surprisingly good! I put out ranch too because the kids love it.

Christopher does not like pasta in any variety and he had plans anyway for the evening so the nine of us sat down to a most excellent dinner which everyone enjoyed. Uncle Kevin bested me by an extra helping of lasagna, and that was impressive considering we both had multiple pieces of garlic bread and pepperoni. I don't know how he did not explode!

After dinner which thankfully I had to do very little cleaning up from I headed into the living room. I noticed my little fiber optic tree looks quite colorful in a dark room as this picture shows:

I asked Kevin to join me in some Left 4 Dead on the easy skill setting. It was a bit comical; Kevin has not gamed in years and he was having a bit of trouble with the X & Y axis controls on the xbox controller. Danielle sat next to him and started giving him 'helpful' hints and after a bit I gave her my controller. Everyone sat down and was watching us play.

After a few levels I put on the Christmas Episode of Night Court entitled "Let it Snow" and we all watched that. Afterward I started up Get Smart.s The Nude Bomb as I figured everyone was leaving. It turns out mom and dad really like Don Adams and Get Smart so they stayed along with Kevin and Lili which was nice because I had company until after 9 PM and that was quite enjoyable.

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and in research mode shopping for my new AV receiver which I planned to utilize my Amazon Gift Certificates to purchase.


David Louis Harter said...


Ah, I see that you loathe the fog as much as I! That is understandable, certainly, although I do know people who do not give it any consideration. I really hate fog, at least when driving in it. I recall the movie (the original) altogether too well when it is foggy here. Fortunately, it is foggy only a half dozen mornings each year, and then only until 8 AM or so. Nonetheless, I loathe it.

Years ago, I lived in a mountainous area near here that often experienced fog, and my memories of the fog there are NOT good!

- David

Chris said...

Ah, David, then you must remember the original trailer for The Fog with the announcer saying:

"There's something moving in the fog....something not quite human..."

and then you'd hear one of the soon to be killed say in a raspy voice

"What is that??"