Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Winter in West Michigan......Again!

It snowed for the first time in earnest though early last week we had just over an inch of wet heavy snow and of course the snow blower would not work so I had to shovel it.

I did get the snow blower working which is good because it began snowing pretty heavily with lots of wind last night. The power went off around 9 PM and was off for about three hours. It was maddening, because on one side of my house, the side that is next to the main street, is a small chiropractor's office, and it had power. The light by their back door seemed to be mocking me as did the light of the office building across the street from me opposite the chiropractor!

My whole neighborhood was dark and it was pretty localized; I called the X who lives on the other side of the park that sits between my old development and her newer one and she had power.

I soon saw the flashing lights of the power companies truck working on something near the street between my house and the chiropractor.

Tails and I settled in, her madly dashing about in the dark and me, on the couch with the oven set to 'warm' and flickering L.E.D. candles going. I watched Christmas specials on my Archos 5 Internet Media tablet which fortunately had close to full charge!

I see via my e-mail alerts this AM that the kids had a snow day, I bet they are pleased! I have the day off as well, I took it off to extend my thanksgiving vacation. Back to work for me tomorrow.

The conditions were right for this snowfall to be the kind that piles up on branches, wires, etc. It is quite beautiful actually!

Below are four pictures, the last one being my favorite, which can be clicked on for much larger versions, of the snow that greeted me this morning.

I'm sure the beauty will fade fast, or it's magic lost on me, particularly with the weather report showing snow every day this week into the weekend........ugh!


David Louis Harter said...


The photographs are great, but looking at them gave me a chill! Brrrrrr!

I hope you are feeling much better soon. I think the chicken soup will speed your recovery!

- David

Bev from PA said...

Beautiful pictures. Sorry you had to shovel. Especially now it seems you have a cold, too. We had a surprise hail storm yesterday. First day of December and thunder with lightning and quarter inch of hail. Hope you feel better soon and may all your snow storms be mild. Have you priced getting a generator installed?? You've said a few times of power failures summer and winter. Take care - Bev

Barry said...

Hi Chris!

Hope you're over being a spokesperson for the achy-sneezy-watery eyes and however the rest of that commercial goes soon!

About a half-inch of snow here but mostly on lawns and cars -- the warmer roads and sidewalks were generally clear -- though watch for icy spots! They're talking three to five inches tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and afternoon -- want me to send you some?!

Chris said...

Barry, David, Bev, yes winter has taken hold here indeed, and I could have been the spokesperson. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, the next outdoor ones will either be some serious snowfall or the return of spring.

We have had lots of fun with snow but at least I have the snow blower working.

The soup worked its magic and I did feel much better the next morning...and i used a sightly different method on the soup I think it was he best batch to date!