Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday (not in the Park)

I had planned on going to Meijer early Saturday since I still needed a turkey. I woke up a bit before 7:30 Saturday morning, so I decided what the hey, and off I went into the 15 degree weather!

The streets still had some snow and ice but the highway was much better. I arrived at Meijer without incident and parked in the lot which was still coated with snow and ice despite obviously having been plowed multiple times,

When I went through my diabetic education classes early last year one of the things the nutritionist told us was to always park at the far end of the parking lot wherever we go. Except at work I do this without thinking and I had done so this morning. As I slowly navigated the treacherous parking lot in an effort not to slip I regretted that decision!

I did my shopping, securing an excellent Butterball turkey, and saving $15 on it! Birds up to 16 pounds had $8 off, birds over 16 pounds had $15. Since I am making lasagna as well I only needed a 16 pound bird and I was fortunate to get a nice 16.1 pound one for the additional savings.

They were also having a sale on roasting pans so I got a full turkey roaster with lid, and a spare bottom pan. I use this for the lasagna, as I don't make no little lasagna, I make it in the bottom of a 20 pound turkey roasting pan! I also picked up a smaller oval shaped roasting pan since this year, for the first time, I think I am going to make the stuffing outside of the bird, though I will add some turkey drippings to it before roasting it. In previous years since the divorce I had borrowed the X's roasting pan. I figured since I needed to get a pan for the lasagna, why not get the turkey roasting pan too. One less thing I need to borrow around the holidays.

I also stocked up on Tails' preferred brand of cat food and treats, as Forest Hills Foods, right by my house, does not carry these, and on Tails' favorite canned cat food which is 20 cents cheaper a can at Meijer.

While the store was not crowded at all because of the early hour, I did notice Meijer was following the same rule all stores seem to have which is:

"Whenever there are three or more people in line, we will close another register!"

Since the bottom of the roasting pan I had did not have a UPC code (only the top for the set had those) I knew some adjustment would have o be made by a human so I skipped the you bag it yourself registers. Finally checking out, I then had the fun adventure of pushing the shopping cart through the parking lot to where the Mustang was parked on the outskirts, nearly overturning it a couple of times when the front wheels got stuck in the snow,

I headed home and plunked down for a short rest. I then began slowly cleaning the kitchen and dining rooms. I've pretty much given up on having them clean when the kids have their week at my house, so I usually clean the house the day the go back to their mom's for her week. I had them a day extra because the X, as she frequently is, was out of the area (in this case out of the state) on business, She would be back this evening.

Danielle got up, and, I sense a disturbing trend here, we played Left 4 Dead. Scott got up as his friend Alex arrived at 10 AM. I made Scott empty the dishwasher, and they disappeared to play the xbox downstairs. As Alex was here until 3:30 PM, I saw little of my kids until I made them a late lunch around 3:15. Scott and Alex had Ramon soup, and for Danielle I cooked some Dreamfield spaghetti and tossed it with a dash of salt, some olive oil, a pinch of garlic powder, butter, and grated Romano cheese. I had a bit of this myself.

Scott headed off for work, Danielle was picked up by the X (who had to wait until Danielle and I finished the level we were on) around 5PM.

Once again I was reminded how much I dislike when the kids leave for their week at their Mom's. This will be even worse because the kids Uncle Kevin and his wife and daughter will be out on Christmas eve from New Jersey. I offered the kids extra time at their Mom's house so they could be there with them since they will be here until New Years. While I will really miss the kids during my week, I felt it was the right thing to do since they rarely see Uncle Kevin and Company. I'll see them for Christmas dinner and I'm sure I spend sometime with the group since I get along great with Kevin and family.

Tails and I spent a quiet evening at home watching some Christmas specials and other TV. My favorite was A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart playing Scrooge. I was in bed early around 11 PM, but my thoughts would not quiet for a long time, and I last remember seeing the clock say 1:11 AM.

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