Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, that's not my fun day!

More snow overnight, at least it was just a couple of inches of snow so I shoveled that before I left for work. I left the office at lunch time and headed out to look for a new snow blower. I had exhausted the possibilities on-line and the quickest I could get a decent unit here via delivery was 12/30. Since snow is forecast tomorrow going into Wednesday, and this coming weekend, and on and off the other days, I opted to get a replacement ASAP! Of course this cost me about $120 more than the unit I could have gotten free delivery on, time was of the essence to me.

Home Depot had a very hefty unit on sale, which I procured and arranged for delivery tomorrow. It is a lot more powerful than the dead one and has an 8 inch wider cut which should make clearing the driveway much quicker. I spent more than I wanted to, but, it should last a lot longer being it is heavy duty. The warranty was twice the length of the expired unit.

I worked from home for the remainder of the afternoon, and around 5 PM headed out to shovel again as it has been snowing on and off all day. Imagine my horror when I discovered since my arrival home the plows had been by in force, and the bottom of my driveway was clogged from the street to the sidewalk with heavy chunks of icy snow, three feet deep in some places!

It took about an hour to clear this, me taking my time between my back and heart rhythm issues I don't want to take any chances! Once again I had a deep appreciation and respect for those that do heavy work for a living!

Tails and I are relaxing now, I have to go into the office around 8PM to learn a new procedure because the people doing it now have been laid off. Sigh! I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have a job these days!

If I am not too long at work I plan to stop at the grocery store to pickup the majority of items I still have need of for Christmas dinner.

Oh!! One particularly nice note of the day was that Brian and his wife Carrie sent me a Christmas present, a Star Trek Original Series Communicator. It was in fact the high point of the day. Thanks you guys!

And Carrie, EXCELLENT work on the cookies! While I should not have had any, I had two in the morning and then one later; they were delicious!!


Carrie said...

Now that's why we bought you that present, we knew it may have the potential to be a day changer! I'm glad you got to splurge a little and enjoyed the cookies!

Chris said...

Carrie - I really had to struggle to not eat more of your cookies than I did, they were delicious! Fantastic! And Brian was doing his best to tempt me with descriptions of some of his favorites. Pure sugar is the worst thing for me, but, seeing as it was Christmas I just had to try some.

And I really enjoyed the present too; it is now proudly displayed on the shelf next to the full size communicator I have!