Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Day Through 5 PM

Another day like quite a few others...up late last night, though I slept better, awakening at 8 AM and rather than rising, chose to spend an hour in bed watching some holiday video on demand programming.

After releasing tails and starting a load of wash, I got on the computer for awhile. Around 10 AM or so my friend Josh IM'd me from work and asked if I wanted to do lunch and offered to bring lunch to the house here. How could I say no to such a gracious offer from such a good friend? I told him I still had to exercise and then clear the snow outside, so we settled on a noon lunch time. I rode the exercise bike, watching...can you guess.... the second half of an Iron Chef America, and then since I needed to cool down from the 8 mile ride, I did some cleaning in the kitchen and living room.

I was just going to shovel the snow but after seeing the amount of snow outside was greater than I had anticipated I decided there was enough to snow blow, so I did the driveway and the front walks of my house and my next door neighbor's, and came back inside.

Josh arrived promptly and we enjoyed an excellent lunch from Panera Bread, and some good conversation about the holidays, work, etc. After lunch I showed Josh the cinematic intro for Left 4 Dead which is quite excellent, and then I showed him the game play for a few minutes. I also showed him the database management program I keep my DVD collection under.

As Josh was working today he departed back to the office, returning about 20 minutes later for the badge he had left here! I thanked him again for lunch and got on the computer. It was really good to see and have lunch with him today.

Around 2 PM the X called, I had invited the family over here for New Year's Eve instead of going into the cold city this evening. As I had had heard nothing back I just assumed they were going ahead with their original plans but the X asked if my offer was still good.

I said it was, and I finished the campaign of Left 4 Dead I was playing. At 3 PM I decided I'd better get out to the store for snacks and hot and cold appetizers for this evening. Forest Hills Foods was a mad house! A FREAKING MADHOUSE! You'd think the Storm of the Century was coming or something. I lucked out and got a space at the very end of the parking lot while watching many other cars circling like sharks looking for an opening. I did my shopping and escaped as fast as I could! Had I know yesterday they were coming I would have gone out to the store early this morning....oh well...not a big deal.

Returning home I unpacked the bags, threw in another load of wash and retired to the couch where Tails immediately jumped up and settled down in my lap, where she still remains.

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David Louis Harter said...


I hope your evening is festive and enjoyed by all. Laura and I enjoyed a lovely dinner, some champagne, and now we are settling in to view "Ironman."

Tomorrow, I shall grill filet mignons and giant prawns for dinner. It shall be difficult returning to work on Friday, but I shall be there, waiting for Big Brown!

- David