Friday, December 19, 2008

They Nailed It!

Well, the weather forecast was spot-on last night! They said it would not start snowing until midnight or later, and when I went to bed at 11:30 last night no snow had fallen. Around 3 AM I looked out the window and it was snowing fiercely and there was already a few inches on the ground. I awoke again around 6:15 AM and turned on the TV and as expected the kids school was canceled as there was not easily 5 inches of snow and it was snowing harder than it had been at 3 AM. Danielle has already been watching the news in the living room so I told her to go back to bed.

It was a perfect day for working at home, so I decided to get in another hour's sleep figuring no one would be int he office on time, and of course they would call me if anything came up.

I got up, freed Tails from her room in the basement, and connected into to work. After going through my e-mails and such it was around 8:45. I had a meeting at 9:00 AM (Conference call) so I went to check on the snow and the weather. They said the snow was now falling at a rate of 1 to two inches an hour! The snow on Scotti's car was already above the bottom rim on his wheels and the wind was blowing hard.

Right now I would say there's around 8 inches on the ground. The kids and I are safe, warm, and have food and drink, and heat! I see no need to journey outside for snow removal until 5:30 PM so Scott can get out of the driveway for work. Danielle was up around 9:30 and Scott around 10:30 and they disappeared downstairs to play Castle Quest on the xbox 360.

The storm is supposed to start slowing down shortly and will hopefully b done before I have to clean the driveway. Once will be enough!

Tails has been having fun running in a frenzy between outside viewing locations in between hanging out with the kids and napping.

Here's a video I shot out the back of the house. I'll post some pictures of the snow later or tomorrow.


David Louis Harter said...

Brrr! Watching that video made me shiver!

- David

Cristina -n- Charlie said...

VERY cool that you can post video. I'm going to try that next time. And yes, I'm so glad I'm not in Grand Rapids to experience the first blizzard of the season! I am a bit misty eyed, however, at missing out on a very white Christmas. Ah, well, I'll have to make due with a decorated palm tree and a yard full of sand. :)

Chris said...

David -50 degree weather makes you shiver!

Chris said...

CC, it snowed overnight and is still snowing!

That decorated palm tree and sandy beach sounds really good right now!