Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowy Sunday

As if the Snow on Friday was not enough, and as if it were not freaky enough that the weather forecast was right about it, once again I am surprised that yesterday's predication for more snow was right on the mark. I noticed early in the AM hours that it was snowing and it was snowing when I got up around 9 AM. It's almost 11:30 AM now and it is still snowing!

I took a panoramic shot out the back slider, I'll get that off the camera later and post it. One thing I really like about my 12 megapixel digital camera is it has a built in panoramic mode. You can snap and overlap up to three images and the camera automatically stitches them together. It does this with ease producing far better results than the software I had purchased a few digital cameras ago.

Right now it is time to disturb Tails (who is nestled under the blanket between my legs) so I can ride the exercise bike. I will then ponder how to spend the remainder of the day, which will probably include more house cleaning, laundry, and other mundane tasks. I have no plans on venturing out into the cold (the living room digital clock which features a built in weather station reports the exterior temperature is 8.7 degrees) since Tails and I have food and drink enough for the day. Since I have to go to work tomorrow I will snow blow after it stops snowing though.

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