Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Very Quiet Tuesday

The fried lasagna I posted the recipe to yesterday was the biggest event of the day. I slept late, not getting up until almost 9:30 AM. I had stayed up late and had trouble sleeping the night before, so it was nice not to have to get up. It was sunny again in the morning...very strange weather we have been having since Christmas. I rode the exercise bike while watching the last half of a Dinner: Impossible episode followed by the first half of an Iron Chef America.

Just to give you an idea of how much programming my DVR can hold, the Iron Chef episode was this year's Halloween episode. The secret ingredient was offal (hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, tripe, etc.) and it was surprising how many decent entrees the two chefs made out of this stuff, including a chocolate and liver mousse truffle that the judges loved.

The X's dad has not been feeling the best this past week, he's having heart rhythm and blood pressure issues and had to wear a monitor for a couple of days. I was IM'ing with the X and Kevin and found out he nearly passed out, and fell,banging his head on the stove. He was OK after resting on the couch so he did not hit his head too bad, but I hope he overcomes his other issues. I really love the former in-laws, they are excellent people.

Other than some laundry nothing constructive was done yesterday, it was good having a day to just chill out though I would not have minded seeing the family.

Around 9 PM I remembered the garbage, which was chock-full from Christmas present wrapping and packaging, had to go out to the curb. Figuring I would only be outside for a minute or two I threw on a light jacket and some shoes and opened the door, stepping into......

fierce, howling winds! An inch of snow on the ground and Blizzard-like conditions! Icy snow blasting into my about brisk! I got the can out to the curb, retreated back inside, and once again marveled at how quickly the weather changes around here in the winter.

Guess what this is! If nothing else it makes an excellent desktop wallpaper!

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Barry said...

"Colors.JPG" sort of looks like a human embryo peeking out through a peephole (the blueish circle to the left) -- the umbilicus?!

Otherwise, yes: I added it to my Desktop Wallpaper collection. ☺